Vocational Education and Training Sector VISA (Subclass 572) is a student Visa that allows students to enter Australia for the purpose of training courses. It helps students gain certifications in Diploma, Advanced VET Diploma, Vocational Graduate Diploma, and Vocational Diploma Certificate. Students must comply with the Australian Visa conditions forContinue Reading

Postgraduate Research Sector VISA (subclass 574) allows international students to enter Australia after the completion of their Masters’s degree for working on research. The visa allows the research students to work for an unlimited period of hours a week after the research has begun. Separate work authorization is not required.Continue Reading

Visiting Academic VISA (subclass 419) is for the professional academics from overseas who have been invited to visit the Australian tertiary institution for observing and participating in research at the institution. For Visiting Academic VISA (subclass 419) filing, students need to provide evidence of health insurance during the stay forContinue Reading

Training and Research VISA (subclass 402) is a temporary visa that allows the Australian training and research sponsored individual to come to Australia for training or research. It has 3 streams namely occupational trainee stream, professional Development stream, and research stream. Every stream shares a different visa expiry duration. ForContinue Reading